Joomla to wordpress conversion

Joomla users sorry.But I have to be  truthful.You must be complaining that your websites are very heavy to load and run.This means traffic turning away to other competitor websites.Have you asked yourself  what is the platform that they are using.One clear answer would be  WordPress.Why? since it gets applauded from the search engine behemoth Google.It’s light and easy to customize.Making changes is much easier.Bringing you the much needed peace of not having to worry about your sites speed.The availability of different plugins available for both platforms  also makes WordPress a clear winner.So if  you have your existing Joomla sites  and want it  to be  converted  to  Wordpress ,  we are there to  take the transition  from Joomla to WordPress a joyful one.No wonder you will be  elated by the increased performance.